Some Days…

Some days, the ball hits you in the face.


Some days, you hit a home run.


Some days, I feel like all I post are sad, depressing stories. And maybe I do. Our lives are full of a lot of that now. But we’ve gone from a lot of bad days, to fewer bad days as a whole, and to just bad parts of days. We’ve even had our first two good days (defined as a) no seizures b) not having to hold him down and c) no screaming) since February.

Even on the days with bad stuff, we’ve had some good stuff, too. My son has met some amazing people at the children’s hospital, and those people care for him very much, and make him feel special when they see him. He’s even participated in a fashion show and a YouTube video while he was there.

In the last few weeks, he’s gotten off multiple medicines and transitioned to a very difficult diet that has helped with his seizures. He’s fought through 5 seizures during a teeball game and multiple attempts to bring him home only to get three hits and score twice. He’s met a football player, a professional ultimate frisbee team (that’s a thing), and super heroes. He’s shown himself to be stronger and braver than I could even imagine.

Some days, life seems hard, and hopeless, and unfair.

Some days, there are specks of light poking through the darkness.

And we’re grateful for each and every one of them.